Saturday, 15 March 2014

Vintage Room Accessories

I have always love vintage and all the pretty vintage displays in the windows of all the shops while walking down the high-street, then after converting my room a few years back; I am now obsessed with everything vintage and am always on the lookout for any new accessories for a always changing room. I am new to blogging and love the idea of writing all my thoughts and opinions all in one place. I like make-up , skincare and fashion and am hoping to do a range of posts including all these passions.

  Above are some of the newer items that have been added to my room:
Grey Birdcage- its from the range and they don't have it anymore but there are a lot more similar looking ones-
Fox Mug - Paperchase
Teacup- Charity Shop

                                                           What do you think of vintage ?
                                                 How would you describe your bedroom style ?

                                                                 Keep Blog-a-loving
                                                                    Love Issy <3 <3

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